MyCapCam mount for your cap bill

Take your Prime X camera with you when fishing and hunting. Simply use this snaptray already on our stainless steel pressure mount. Fits snugly on your cap bill. Will not rust or break. Install Prime X camera using the Tilt adjustable mount that is inside your Prime X camera kit. We also include a safety lanyard for those windy days out on the lake. Just like you may already be using with sunglasses, it hangs behind your neck, then attached to rear camera cap.

MyCapCam Mount
29.00 USD

Tough stainless steel pressure clip with snaptray for a Replay Camera
Includes safety lanyard.
Free Shipping

MCC mount

Boat Mounts

Clamp with the universal knuckle mount that lets you aim camera in any direction.

The 1/4 20 stud on top accepts the tripod snaptray that is included in camera kit.

Boat Clamp Mount
40.00 USD

Great clamping unit that can fit flat or round items.
Opens as wide as 1.5"
Free Shipping


Boat light pole mount that secures the Prime X camera at any angle you choose.

Great view of the entire boat. Optional power cord available for all day recording.

Light Pole Mount
60.00 USD

Fits 3/4" round tubing, same size as common light pole. Includes camera clamp sized for Prime X.
Can be adjusted for any angle.
Free Shipping


Marine Power Plug

Marine Power Plug
25.00 USD

Power Plug will give you two extra sources of power.
* Accessory plug, round, 12 volt, 2.1 amp
* USB port, flat, 5 volt, 2.1 amp
Free Shipping


Direct product knowledge.

Latest firmware is installed.

Camera date/time set.

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"We have worked with Jake for years. Originally purchased a Chasecam from him. Tested the Replay last fall and liked it more than the high end go-pro. Better video, much greater ease of use and far less cost! Worth a look."



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